LeaderBOX is a launch fiber for reflectometric studies using OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer).
Launch fiber stabilizes with high signal strength at the output of the reflectometer and eliminates the dead zone of the measurement.
LeaderBOX allows you to measure fiber optic tracks up to 300km. It is made of ABS plastic - it is characterized by high durability.
The choice of fibers and fiber optic connectors guarantees adjustment to the nature of the measurements.

LeaderBOX features

- durable plastic houses
- modular storage of housing
- wide range of fiber and connectors
- ?no splice? construction
- armor cable - resistant for crushing and stretching
- low weight
- premium connectors

OLBox features

- Small sizes 141x115x18mm
- Patchcord in metal tube which secure fiber against break and bend
- Design adapted to the bending radius fiber G.652.D or better
- wide range of fiber and connectors
- ?no splice? construction
- premium connectors




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